Reach your audience one building at a time.

Ready to advertise your business online?
Get ready to face these obstacles:

Ad Oversaturation

You face more competitions in digital platforms saturated with ads due to their low entry barrier.

Difficult to Keep Up

Online ads format is always changing without notice and revision costs you more time and money.

Ad Blocks & Frauds

Your online ads potentially face ad-blocks, fake clicks and spams that affect your ad performance.

There is a newer, noise-free, and more impactful way to advertise and generate valuable leads.

Advertise inside Prime Location

Be seen and heard by thousands of relevant lift passengers daily in our designated commercial and residential buildings.

Compete Less, Convert More

Unlike websites and platforms, your ads play in our lifts without distraction or interruption from other ads.

Gain Locational Advantage

Generate locationally accurate and useful leads for future campaigns even when you stop advertising with us.

How does it work?

Choose your desired location to advertise and your ads cycle.

Send us your creative or hire us to strategize and design it for you.

Go live on the screens in all the lifts of your selected building.

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